Harmonic Attendance Tracker

Track attendance from a roster of students and attendees for a range of school related events including: after school programs, field trips, sports, crafts, and fundraising.

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A large part of the school experience is extra curricular activities. Whether it’s clubs, lessons, after school programs, and auxiliary classes, many hours of effort and good will go into the enrichment for our children.

And as volunteers and staff work with these programs, they soon realize that, they need to know and keep track of “WHO” was there. Attendance data is really insight data, and that insight can help you work smarter, target resources more effectively, and create a beneficial feedback loop leading to program improvement.


School Information Systems focus on attendance in the classroom, but are inflexible to use for after school or even out of school programs.

Many teachers and program administrators resort to spreadsheets or, often, paper.

We have a solution that lives right on your device, is ready to start when you need it to, and takes almost no effort to get up and running.


HAT is Designed for devices you already use — your iPad or iPhone

We started with a clean sheet design so it’s Simple, clean and easy to use

If you find yourself wondering, “can it also…”, of course it can. You can customize it yourself, or engage us to extend it for you.

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