About Us

The Team

Steven Sykora

President & Co-Founder

Steve has a long history with consulting and technology integration. Steven's roles within Harmonic include customer relations, project manager, database architect, and corporate management. In addition to being a developer, Steven is an accomplished teacher and communicator.

Matthew Monroe

Chief Technologist & Co-Founder

Matt started The Stravin Group with Steven in 1996. Matthew is directly involved with all projects and systems that come through Harmonic. Matthew's roles include external systems integration, strategic planning, and chief technologist. Matthew is well versed in many operating systems and languages, but is especially fond of Unix and PHP.

Heather McCue

Senior Developer

After having performed co-development with Jason, Matthew, and Steven for the better part of a year, Heather McCue, of OshVay Systems, formally joined Harmonic as an employee. Heather brings substantial skills and experience to the table and continues her work on many current projects. Heather is a developer with 16 years of experience.