Development Methodology

Harmonic Data has honed its development process through years of successful project management and execution. We use it on every project, from the smallest to the very largest. It has five phases, and they are as follows:


When you pick up the phone to tell us about your problem, Harmonic Data begins the process of providing you with a resolution. We start by listening to your issues and sketching out possible solutions. At the end of this phase, we provide you with a ballpark estimate so that you can make a “go/no go” decision whether you want to proceed with the project.


No one knows your business better than you. During the elaboration phase, we meet with your end users to gain a better understanding of your needs and to present you with an analysis of the solution we will provide. At the end of the elaboration phase, we will present you with a finalized estimate.


During the third phase, we build your system. As we write the code, we meet with you regularly to keep the project on task. This phase may range from days to months, depending on the scope of engagement. However, our many rapid-development environments, tested and perfected over time, make it possible for us to complete very complex systems in a short amount of time.


Our team will install your new solution either remotely via Terminal Services/Citrix or live, onsite. Integration can range from a simple infrastructure deployment to a far more complicated data conversion and synchronization process. Regardless of the complexity, Harmonic Data is equipped to handle these tasks.


Harmonic Data regards the final phase as one of the most important to a successful project deployment. Immediately after your new solution has been installed, we will be there to make sure your database is working properly. Long after your system has been up and running, Harmonic Data will be immediately available to help you with changes and upgrades.

Large or small, complicated or simple, you can count on Harmonic Data to provide the most robust and cost effective systems available for your business needs.

For questions about our development methods or to request an estimate, please call us at 214 269 2800 or send us a message.