About Us

The Company

Harmonic Data Associates is a small group of world class consultants dedicated to enhancing the bottom line of its customers through automation and system integration. While each customer and solution is unique; excellence, experience, innovation, efficiency, and cost effectiveness are traits shared by all of our projects.

At Harmonic, our byline is Integrating Solutions. This statement represents the core philosophy of who we are and what we do as a company. This goes well beyond the common application. Our projects, whether large or small, represent solutions to pressing, critical, and central business concerns. Sometimes, Harmonic brings technical experience to its solutions-at other times, business acumen and workflow expertise. Regardless, our customers can always be assured that their problems and needs will be addressed with patience, clarity, and persistence.

One of the key differences between Harmonic and its competitors lies in our infrastructure. In order to perform the complex and interactive projects that represent the norm at Harmonic, we have invested heavily in our ability to do business. This starts with 2800 sq. ft. collaborative work environment, extends to our state of the art telephone system and development network, and culminates in our world class development and production server facilities. Our office is conveniently located just off of the Dallas North Tollway on Quorum Drive.